workover services

Workover Services

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Workover services refer to the process of performing major maintenance or remedial treatments on oil or gas wells. A workover rig is immediately set up after killing the well. Workover services may include the removal and replacement of the production tubing string. As well as other maintenance or repair activities such as well cleaning, plugging, perforating, and tubing and casing repairs. In some cases, workover services also include the installation or replacement of downhole equipment such as pumps, valves, and other components.

Workover services refer to operations performed without completely removing well tubing. Through-tubing and through-casing operations require the use of snubbing equipment, coiled tubing, and slicklines. These operations are a cost-effective way to perform treatments or well service activities as they save time and money when compared to a full workover.

Well intervention and workover services

workover services
Workover services

Well intervention and workover services refer to the process of intervening in an existing well to repair, maintain, or enhance its performance. This process can include anything from running additional tubing or drill pipe. Also, in cleaning out or replacing existing equipment or components, to performing workovers (such as fixing stuck or damaged components or replacing worn-out parts). Using a thin-walled patch, Saltel Industries offers a unique solution for perforation shut-offs on drill pipes and tubing. With this patch, you will be able to easily install it and it will be a secure barrier to unwanted flow from the well. Our technology meets your current and future downhole requirements, providing high value-added services.

Saltel casing patches enable access to large internal diameter (ID) wells, for example, for running tubing anchors or packers. Drilling and workover rigs, snubbing units, or coiled tubing can easily convey this seal, which seals and holds significant differential pressures. The patch is an efficient and reliable way to access the well below and make necessary repairs or improvements.

As the patch expands downhole, it forms an inner lining that is both solid and durable. Initially, the patch was designed to be used to block off perforations. Now we use a modified version of the system for repairing damaged or corrosion-damaged portions of casing. The patch helps to increase the lifespan and integrity of the casing, making it more durable and reliable.