Working at Saltel Industries

Working at Saltel Industries

working at Saltel Industries

We are an Oilfield Service Company that designs, manufactures and provides Remedial and Completion services to the Oil and Gas industry. Created in 2004, the Company currently employs over one hundred people worldwide. Our headquarters are located in Rennes, France, and we have subsidiaries in Canada, US, Argentina, Australia, and Romania, with more expansion to come. With a double-digit growth over the past years, our main focus is innovation and the creative use of technology.

Our values are the backbone of our organization: they provide the basis for behavior and cooperation between employees, and serve as a guide for client and partner relations.
Our employees are a prominent part of our core values; they are at the heart of the organization, and enable the company to satisfy our clients and grow the company.
Because of this, Saltel Industries strives to create the conditions which will generate and maintain:

  • A genuine team spirit
  • Individual satisfaction
  • Respect for each individual

On a day-to-day basis, being a Saltel Industries employee means:

  • To be empowered: each employee knows what is expected from him/her. The roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and shared. The performance of both the team and the individual is measured, based on SMART indicators.
  • To have his/her contribution valued: each employee is a team member and a key contributor. He/she executes his/her missions by taking responsibility and accepting accountability for the results for both him/herself and the team. Each employee supports a culture of respect for the contribution of every person.
  • To have the opportunity to grow: employees learn new skills, develop their abilities, and gain satisfaction from taking an active part in the development of the company.

Our communication is in line with our values: open, straight to the point and respectful. To make sure our values are displayed each and every day, the company gives, on a regular basis, the opportunity for all employees to:

  • Give his/her feedback on the overall satisfaction at work and working conditions
  • Propose new ideas or improvements
  • Express him/herself, to assess his/her performance and prepare the future with the company.