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What is a well Packer

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A downhole sealing device

A well packer is a crucial component of downhole completions. Essentially, it acts as a barrier that separates different zones or sections of a wellbore. This device can set in both upper and lower completions, and can be used for a variety of applications, including production and injection.

When it comes to the design of a well packer, there are several factors to consider. For instance, the type of well, the wellbore geometry, and the type of fluids being produced or injected can all impact the design of the packer. In general, packers can be classified as either permanent or retrievable. Permanent packers are designed to be left in place for the duration of the well’s production life, whereas retrievable packers can be removed and replaced as needed.

To create a seal, a well packer typically relies on either an elastomeric or metallic sealing element. Elastomeric packers are made from rubber-like materials that can expand and contract to form a tight seal. Metallic packers, on the other hand, are made from metal components that can deform to create a seal.

It’s worth noting that the effectiveness of a well packer depends on proper installation and design. If the packer is not set correctly, or if it is not designed to withstand the pressures and temperatures of the wellbore, it may fail to create an effective seal. Therefore, it’s important to work with experienced professionals when selecting and installing a well packer for your well.

Xpandable Steel Packer – The permanent zonal isolation barrier

Saltel Xpandable Steel Packers are permanent stainless steel annulus barriers. These packers act as baffles to isolate selected zones in the annulus for various purposes. 

  • Prevent fluids or gas migrations in the annulus in long-term zonal isolation.
  • Split the reservoir intervals into numerous sections to allow fracturing selected stages or for particular production purposes.
  • Compartmentalize pay zones into specific areas for acid treatment.
  • Act as a plug, in combination with cement in Plug and abandonment applications.
  • Reinforce annular cement integrity
  • Allow cementing above lower completions or above loss zones 
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In all cases, the Xpandable Steel Packer essentially acts as an annulus barrier to creating zonal isolation. This zonal isolation is possible thanks to the metallic sleeve thickness and pressure-rated valves balancing the differential pressures ‘across’ (annulus-to-annulus), or ‘in-out’ (annulus-to-casing).