AZIP - Annular Zonal Isolation Packer

Well Plug & Abandonment

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Ensure well integrity

Efficient and Safe Well Plug & Abandonment Operations: The Role of Saltel Industries’ AZIP Technology. The oil and gas industry is facing pressure from governments and regulatory bodies around the world to decommission unproductive wells. As a result, companies are focusing on improving their plug and abandonment (P&A) operations, which involves safely sealing off wells that are no longer producing or are too uneconomical to operate. The oil and gas industry is seeking better, more efficient, and cost-effective methods, including using high-pressure pumps and specialized tools to fill wells with cement or other materials and seal them with steel or other materials to prevent leaks. They are also repurposing and recycling materials from decommissioned wells.

open hole packer plug and abandonment

Saltel Industries’ AZIP technology is revolutionizing the Well Plug & Abandonment process by allowing operators to effectively seal casing and annuli while maintaining well integrity at minimal cost. AZIP technology, an Annular Zonal Isolation Packer, is a new way of plugging well sections for abandonment before sidetracking, or for complete abandonment. It offers significant cost savings to operators and superior sealing performance compared to traditional methods. This improved performance significantly reduces the risk of accidents such as migrations and contaminations. The P&A kit is becoming increasingly popular with operators looking for cost-effective and reliable solutions for their Well Plug & Abandonment operations.