Corroded Casing Repair

Tubing Leakage

Damaged Tubing

Continuous cycles of oil and gas production can have serious consequences for the integrity of a tubing string. Over time, mechanical exhaustion, heat dilatation, or corrosion can cause cracks or tubing leakages. This can compromise the overall integrity of the string.

These cracks and leakages can cause the tubing string to become structurally unsound. They can result in a significant loss of oil or gas production. In order to ensure optimal production, it is important that producers regularly inspect their tubing strings. The results of thermal or acoustic logs will give important keys. The operators can thus take any necessary measures to prevent and repair any damage.

Integrity restored from tubing leakage.

The Saltel expandable steel tubing Patch can fix damages from 4 ½in tubing size and above, killing the need for POOH. Sealing off a tubing leakage drastically reduces the downtime of a full workover. Saltel Tubing Patch repairs the tubing, increasing production and protecting against fluid or gas leakage.

In other words, Saltel expandable steel Patch is a pressure-resistant inner lining alternative. You can use it to prevent the need for costly and time-consuming decisions such as :

  • Major workover operations.
  • Sidetracking
  • The complete plugging and abandonment of a well.

The expandable steel patch design is a cost-effective solution. It allows for maintaining production and extends the life of a well.

The Patch can cover the impairment within a few hours (not much more than it would take to carry out other repair and maintenance operations). It provides a reliable, pressure-resistant inner lining that can be used to protect against the effects of corrosion, erosion, and other damage. Saltel expandable steel Patch is a reliable and cost-effective solution for well maintenance and repair (tubing leakage included), and it can help to extend the life of a well while avoiding costly and time-consuming operations.

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