Corroded Casing Repair

Tubing leak

tubing leak

A continuous cycle of production and operation of tubing strings may jeopardize their integrity over time. This is the result of mechanical exhaustion, heat dilatation, and/or corrosion. This can cause cracks or tubing leaks to appear, compromising the performance of the tubing string and potentially leading to costly damages or repairs. Regular inspection and maintenance of the tubing strings are essential to ensure their continued reliability and performance.

The Saltel expandable steel tubing Patch is an innovative solution for repairing and sealing off damaged tubing from 4 ½in tubing size and above. It eliminates the need for Pulling Out of Hole (POOH) operations, resulting in a drastic reduction of downtime associated with a full workover. This patch is designed to provide a secure and reliable seal while withstanding high pressure and temperature conditions. The patch is easy to install and requires minimal equipment, making it an ideal solution for fixing damaged tubing leaks quickly and efficiently.

Integrity restored from tubing leak

Saltel Tubing Patch repairs the tubing, increasing production and protecting against fluid or gas leakage.

The expandable steel Patch provides ample space for common downhole tools. Running these tools through the patch post-installation will be easy and straightforward due to its large drift internal diameter. The patch drift ID is indeed less impacted by the sealing of the tubing leaks. The expandable steel Patch also offers increased safety, stability, and reliability by providing an added layer of protection against possible leaks. Additionally, it eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming interventions, as the patch can be installed without having to pull the tubing string. As a result, the expandable steel Patch provides an ideal solution for sealing tubing leaks. It provides one of the best drift internal diameters in the market.

In conclusion, Saltel expandable steel Patch is a pressure-resistant inner-lining alternative. This alternative can prevent important decisions like:

  • Workover: retrieving the completion. It gives significant costs, especially with premium alloys like 13Cr or 25Cr.
  • Sidetrack: abandoning the lateral to drill a new one, to access the reservoir from another section. This also gives significant costs.
  • P&A: Plug and abandonment. Completely abandon the well and access the reservoir from a new well.

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