Expandable steel Patch repairs parted casing

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Published on 2 October 2019

Saltel patch in combination with cement squeeze allows high-pressure /high-volume stimulation, after fixing parted casing section

expandable steel patch associated with cement squeeze repairs parted casing
Expandable steel patch reinforces cement squeeze and repairs parted casing

The client needed to isolate a troublesome parted collar section at 11,068 ft [3,373m] in a 5.5in #23 lbs/ft casing. Since the client had already planned to fracture the well, they needed to regain as much of initial casing integrity possible. They first performed a remedial cementing job to act both as a barrier and a receptacle, to support a further stainless steel high-pressure inner-lining solution. The client finally selected Saltel expandable steel Patch.

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