coupling repair with casing patch

Patch restores fiberglass lined tubing integrity.

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Published on 18 May 2021

Two 5.5in expandable steel patches repair leaking fiberglass-lined tubing and parted tubing section in a 17-year-old gas injector well.

Saltel Xpandable tubing patch demonstrated outstanding versatility in the North Sea offshore, addressing two different applications in the same well.
The client initially drilled the well as an oil producer in 2001. He then converted it into a gas injector in 2009 due to an ESP failure.

Compromised tubing integrity and decreasing production.

The client recently identified communication between the 5.5in [139.7mm] tubing and the 9-5/8in [244.4mm] casing. Consequently, the gas injection was temporarily suspended, which caused a decrease in the field production rates. Besides, gas had to be flared.
First, Schlumberger had to locate the leaks. Then, Saltel Industries had to restore the integrity of the tubing.

casing patch run in to restore fiberglass lined tubing
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