Casing patch meets 3 different applications in the same well

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Published on 7 May 2021

A worldwide first for the “full-grip” casing patch, addressing new downhole application

Continental Europe. The client required well intervention services in one of his gas storage wells. This specific intervention was incredibly complex since it consisted of patching three casing sections in 3 different applications.

The operator’s concern and his requirements considering casing patch alternative

The client had a global objective to restore complete casing integrity in his gas storage well. This
meant meeting three different downhole challenges:

  • Patch #1: provide sufficient ID restriction and anchoring capacity to allow the setting of a production packer. In this particular case, the client wanted to install a 6-5/8in production packer in the 7in casing. They needed a full-grip receptacle to reduce sufficiently the casing internal diameter and set the production packer at 1,575ft (480m) depth.
  • Patch #2: The client also had a parted casing section to cover with a second patch at 1,476ft (450m). This second Patch would be set in the 7in – 23ppf casing and had to provide good burst and collapse pressure ratings at parted level (unsupported scenario).
  • Patch #3: The downhole integrity requirements involved a third Patch at 918ft (280m) to isolate an undesirable set of perforations.
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