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Expandable Steel Patch Technology

Casing Patch Technology

As optimizing the recovery of hydrocarbon reserves has grown in importance, and effective reservoir management has become increasingly complex, the need for shutting-off unwanted perforations in both production and injection wells has been increasing, and requirements to restore casing condition to lengthen well life has become common.

Restoring casing integrity, for both casing repair or perforation shut-off, means meeting the seemingly contradictory objectives of obtaining a high-pressure resistant seal downhole, while at the same time not significantly reducing the casing diameter nor restricting access to the wellbore below. A vast number of very different solutions have been used, including cement squeezes, injection of gels, straddle packers, and various composite and steel patches, all with varying levels of success.
Saltel Industries has developed, tested, and trialed the use of a stainless steel Patch, which is expanded downhole to create a high-pressure inner lining inside the casing. Initially designed for perforation shut-off, the technology is also suitable for repairing short lengths of the damaged or corroded casing.

Saltel Patches Technology