Case study : Successful stage cementing operations using Xpandable Steel external casing packer

Case Study: Successful stage cementing with Xpandable Steel external casing packer (ECP)


A two-well campaign took place utilizing the Saltel expandable steel External Casing Packers (ECPs) to address the frequent loss zones encountered by the client while drilling. As a result, a one-stage and a two-stage cementing operation were necessary for two wells.

The stage cementing operations involved using the ECPs to isolate and/or bypass the loss zones to allow cementing above. Then the Xpandable steel ECPs went through tests on their ability to withstand the internal differential pressure and the temperatures encountered. The results of the operations were positive, and the client was able to complete the well successfully.

The Packers had to set either in Cased or OpenHole and withstand difficult running conditions in deviated wells and under-gauged holes. The possibility to rotate and put weight on the packer during RIH is, therefore, essential.


Saltel Xpandable steel ECP is a proprietary expandable steel packer. besides, It comes up with a special design for stage cementing applications. (Fluid-trapping system to enhance the differential pressure rating across). then, Saltel Xpandable steel ECP is a robust, simple, and cost-effective barrier providing reliable ground for stage cementing operation.

  • Simple setting process compatible with the operator’s current string design and procedures
  • Also, Quick installation time
  • possibility to work the string even in doglegs or tight spots
  • possible rotation during the RIH
  • High sealing capability in C.H or O.H (case d hole or open hole)


1st Well – Two-stage cement job
The 1st packer was successfully expanded in the vertical cased section of a deviated well at 300m – 984.2ft. Packer has been set in a 9-5/8in 36ppf casing (ID 8.921in). Cement has been pumped above the packer and circulated back to surface.

2nd Well – One Stage cement job
The 2nd packer placed at the very bottom of the string for a one-stage cement job above a loss zone. The casing was worked for 6 hours attempting to go through under-gauge hole (String weight UP/SO, 70klbs/26klbs). When pulling the casing back to surface, the SES ECP showed no signs of deformation. It ran back and successfully set in nominal 8-3/4in Openhole (with potential washout). 


  • Compatible with any stage cementing configuration
  • Robust design allows RIH in under-gauge hole
  • Simplified running & setting
  • No risk of premature expansion
  • Cement successfully pumped to surface