casing patches

SPE-174524-MS restoring casing integrity

Restoring Casing Integrity Using an Expandable Steel Patch Prior to Drilling Ahead With Minimal Reduction of Next Hole Size

Benjamin Saltel (SALTEL Industries)|Luis Gonzalez(Marathon Oil Corporation)|Trevor McIntosh(Marathon Oil Corporation)|Matt Weems (Marathon Oil Corporation)


The purpose of this paper is to provide field experience feedback on achieving surface casing integrity with the use of an expandable steel patch. Casing integrity may be jeopardized during cement remediation or due to mechanical failure. If cement remediation requires casing perforations, then an expandable steel patch can be used to provide pressure integrity across the perforations. If casing pressure test cannot be achieved due to mechanical failures such as leaking DV tool or casing collar leak, a similar approach can be used to achieve pressure integrity. This paper will describe how to restore casing integrity allowing maximum pass-through diameter to continue drilling operations and maintain planned casing sizes when presented with these challenges.