saltel expandable steel casing patch

Saltel expandable steel Patch now a regular solution for downhole remedial applications

Expandable Steel Patch Technology is now an accepted and regular solution for downhole remedial applications

Saltel Expandable Steel Patch was introduced to the industry in 2010. Our casing patch is rapidly becoming the industry standard in many regions as the cost effective solution for perforation shut-off and casing repair (well intervention).

Introducing a new technology into the oilfield is always a challenge, the high success rate and the obvious economic benefits have now convinced many operators this is the way forward.

Now installed almost worldwide, our casing patches are available throughout the world from our flying squad of specialized supervisors.
Our R & D is oriented to providing simple and practical field applications, and is combined with a strong commitment to high service quality and customer satisfaction. We have several more innovative oil solutions based on our detailed knowledge of Expandable Steel Technology which will be introduced to the oilfield over the coming months.