Corroded Casing Repair

Workover: Damaged tubing or casing repair

Workover and Well Intervention with Saltel Expandable Steel Patch

Well Intervention with Saltel Patch eliminates or drastically reduces the need for a major workover.

An innovative setting process with high-pressure inflatable packer, contrasting with traditional cone setting:

▲Restoring casing integrity – Applications include repairing short lengths of damaged casing or tubing, damaged sand screens and leaking couplings.

▲Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) applications, including water and gas shut-off, modifying injection profiles

Saltel Industries has developed, tested and successfully trialed the use of a stainless steel Patch (steel tube + outer skin with a profiled sealing system) for perforation shut-off. 

Run on tubing or CTU, it is expanded downhole using an inflatable packer to create a high pressure inner lining inside the casing.