R&D Safety

The primary risks within the R&D department are those which are linked to the handling of heavy parts and the high pressure/high temperature tests.

Saltel Industries has constructed secured and adapted test zones and test cells to mitigate the risks. Furthermore, each employee receives the appropriate training for any dangerous tasks such as lifting or high pressure tests. A supervisor initially accompanies the trainees during several tests, progressively giving him more autonomy.

The “Incidents” module of the collaborative platform acts as a continuous improvement tool for all the safety procedures.

Examples of our general recommendations for the pressure tests include:

  • All tests to be carried out in accordance with the requirements of a Saltel work permit system
  • PPE for all personnel entering and working in the barrier area
  • Tool Box Talk to be held before testing takes place
  • Clear audio and e-mail announcements to be made prior to testing
  • Pressure testing should go in steps with intermediate inspections of gauges and potential fluid leakages before reaching final pressure. Pressure testing must be done with liquid before testing with a gas
  • Pressure area should have barrier shielding to prevent personnel from entering the immediate vicinity. ONLY essential personnel are permitted into the sectioned area, and ONLY when pressure and load has been removed from the system
  • The pressure vessel will be placed in a secured and closed pit
  • Tool assembly will be oriented so all ports and plugs are pointed away from personnel, in the event of items being port fittings or plugs coming loose (a plug coming loose will have the effect of a gunshot)
  • When disassembling, personnel is to be made aware of the potential dangers of trapped pressure within the test setup.
  • Any threads that are difficult to disassemble should be reviewed for causes of difficulty before continuing.
  • Lifting operations will comply with regulations