frac port repair with xpandable steel patch

Expandable steel PreFRACturing patch

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PreFRAC Patch

Saltel Patch is designed to meet mature well applications, but is also an answer for downhole issues, in new well applications such as repairing ECP valves, or isolating leaking DV tools and damaged frac ports.

After running the completion, a frac port may open prematurely. Should it be the case, it will be necessary to seal off the open port, prior to commencing the fracturing.

In new well configurations, the internal diameter is one major concern for operators, requiring best ID access for running tools or continuing subsequent steps from interrupted hydraulic fracturing operations.

  • Damaged frac port
  • Leaking / Parted stage tool
  • Derated annulus packer valve 
  • The high expansion ratio enables running the Patch with a large clearance.
  • A real time setting controller verifies the ID of the set Patch during the operation.
  • Tubulars are made primarily from 321 stainless steel.
  • Outer skin in hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) profiled to ensure a good seal. The Patch will set effectively in any intermediate diameter within its range.
  • Standard setting temperature up to 302 degF [150 DegC]
  • Large ID. Leaves access for running tools or drilling ahead without downsizing subsequent casing diameters nor causing the re-sizing of drill string components
  • Restores casing integrity, internal differentials up to 15,000 psi
  • Always seals, regardless of casing condition, well loss or ovalisation.