high temperature casing patch

Expandable steel Patch Extreme High Temperature

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“Extreme High Temp” Patch

The extreme high temperature casing Patch is a permanent solution to repair a zone of damaged casing or casing couplings specially designed for Cyclic Steam stimulation (CSS), Steam-assisted Gravity Drainage (SAG-D) and geothermal wells.

Design of an Extreme high temperature casing patch

This expandable short length of tubular is made from high-quality Stainless steel to resist severe temperature and corrosion conditions. The steel tube comes up with an expandable packing seal design.
This material selection enables it to seal effectively at low and high temperatures with different mediums such as water, vapor, and nitrogen.
At depth, the SAGD Patch or CSS Patch expands thanks to a high-pressure inflatable packer and pushed against the casing to activate the outer seals. After the pull-out of the setting tools, we leave a pressure and temperature resistant inner lining inside the well.

  • Life of the well solution
  • Fit for thermal applications
  • Seal effectively in oval, out of gauge or irregular borehole
  • Repair damaged or corroded casing
  • Seal off leaking couplings or separated pipe
  • Thermal element rated up to 662 DegF [350 DegC]
  • Qualified with thermal cycles up to 335°C (635°F)
  • A real time setting controller verifies the ID of the set Patch during the operation. Any anomaly can be immediately detected and corrected
  • Leaves large ID access to the well below.
  • High-Pressure resistance
  • Pre-expanded center gives protection for sealing elements while RIH.