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Saltel Tracer Carrier

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Slip-on and crimp-on tracer carrier system

Saltel Industries launched a range of Steel Tracer Carrier subs. The principle is to provide a ‘‘slip on’’ and ‘‘crimp-on’’ solution

tracer carrier

A specific and patented design was studied, allowing easy installation of the tracer carrier sub around the base pipe, on-site. Its innovative crimping system allows:

  • to increase the anchoring to the base pipe compared to set screws
  • to ease the assembly compared to traditional welding operations

Saltel Industries drew on the Xpandable FracPacker’s crimping technology, beneficial to high demanding conditions like extreme pressures up to 15,000psi.


First, the anchoring ring (the crimped end) slides on the outside of a base pipe (any weight or material). The crimping of the anchoring ring onto the base pipe is the only security, demanding no additional previous preparation.

The rods slip and strap around the base pipe, then it remains to cover them with screens. The crimped carrier extremities are then sealed, without weakening nor damaging the client’s base pipe.