Press Release – Successful off-bottom cementing operation

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Published on 15 June 2016

Saltel Steel ECP demonstrates unusual resilience despite severe RIH conditions

Run through tight spot, stuck and worked for several hours before pull out of hole, checked intact on the surface then successfully re-run and installed

Saltel Industries records another success running an external casing packer in a Coal Seam Gas well, despite very difficult run in hole conditions. Due to downhole restrictions, the expandable steel ECP has been worked for several hours before being pulled out of hole. Once at surface the ECP was checked intact whereas any other annulus packer would have suffered material damages!

Following a successful 2-wells campaign for one-stage and two-stage cement jobs, this 7in Expandable Steel External Casing Packer (ECP) was successfully installed, and allowed to perform off-bottom cementing above a pre-perforated casing section. It was the last from a field trial campaign of 3 Saltel Steel ECPs.

Saltel ECP pulled out of hole after have been stuck and worked for several hours downhole

Photograph of Steel External Casing Packer (Saltel Steel ECP) after pull out of hole preceding the 2nd run: No damage indicating the product has been run through tight spot

For previous operations, the operator regularly encountered frequent loss zones while drilling and needed to perform stage cementing operations. The Packers had to be set either in Cased or Open Hole and had to withstand both difficult running conditions in deviated wells, and under gauged holes. The 3rd packer was run in hole through a tight spot. Nevertheless both installation and off-bottom cementing operation were successful. This provided sufficient guarantees on Expandable Steel ECP technology:

  • Saltel Steel ECP’s sturdiness; the ECP displays an extraordinary robustness, allows running in hole in difficult conditions.
  • Saltel Steel ECP has proved a relatively easy to run and easy to set product, conforming itself to any stage cementing configuration, and every situation (depth, hole size, deviation…)
  • The successful consecutive installations outline Saltel Steel ECP’s reliability (sealing effectively regardless of what happens, and improving the annulus integrity)

More details about the ECP installation

During the first run, the packer went through a tight spot but elements above the packer were stuck. The string has been worked for 12 hours, attempting to pull all the equipment out of hole.

When pulling the casing back to surface, the SES ECP showed no signs of deformation and looked “good as new” as per client words.

Finally, Saltel Steel ECP was run back and successfully set in nominal 8-3/4in Open hole. The Cement job went well with full cement return. The possibility to rotate and put weight on the packer during RIH has been capital.

About Saltel Industries

Recently acquired by Schlumberger, Saltel Industries is an upstream Oil Service Company developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative solutions for downhole applications. Specialized in high performance composite elastomers, and stainless steel plastic deformation, Saltel Industries focuses on 2 main Business Segments: Expandable Steel Packers, and Expandable Steel Patches.

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