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Packer oil and gas

Open Hole Packer oil and gas

Expandable Steel open hole packer addresses oil and gas annular isolation requirements.

Xpandable Steel Packer installation:

  • Limited delta pressure.
  • Fast-setting procedure.
  • No weakening of the setting zone.
  • Tough RIH resistance.
  • Ability to take weight.

Expandable steel Open Hole Packers has opened new horizons. Fixing* a stainless steel sleeve onto the client’s base pipe is simple. This principle brought promising steel solutions and applications.

  • Primary cement backup. A robust steel packer is run as part of the casing string and which afterwards expands into the wet cement. The barrier shuts off fluid or gas migrations. It prevents cross-flow, and ensures a solid cement bond. The packer also centralizes the casing.
  • Zonal Isolation at low pressure. Between screens, slotted pipe, Inflow Control Devices. A steel packer will make an efficient annular seal in a short zone. It reduces the need for cement. It also allows optimized production from selected zones.
  • Zonal Isolation at higher pressures. Selective multi zonal production. Conducting multi zonal acidizing. The packer can seal the annulus above high-pressure lower completion. In such cases the packer works in off-bottom cementing.
  • Stage cementing, with a steel packer below a DV tool. The goal is to enhance the cement placement.
  • Open-hole ball-drop multi-stage fracturing operations. Above all this setup offers annulus well barriers with high-pressure sealing capacity. This option also enables covering more washed-out areas. It keeps the same pressure rating.

How to activate the packer 

The Open Hole Well Packer is fixed onto the base casing joint – either welded or crimped. The expandable stainless steel sleeve requires hydraulic pressure. This pressure flows from the casing through an inflation port. It expands until complete plastic deformation and valve activation. Basically, This creates a permanent and robust annulus seal.

Sturdy to run, quickly-set, and bringing a high-pressure life of the well seal. Saltel open hole packers rank in the completion packer segment as a game changing alternative.

Saltel Packer oil and gas – Reliable sealing

The packer achieves sealing against the formation with a thin layer of bonded rubber. Dynamic seals can be mounted between the steel rings. As a result, This will enhance the sealing capacity and increase the temperature range. The packers’ end fittings protect the steel sleeve during the RIH.

*Fixing by welding (cost-effective) or crimping. (High anchoring and pressure ratings without impacting the base casing attributes).

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