Operation Excellence

Operation Excellence

We never forget that our customers come to us by choice. We listen, respond to their needs and aim to exceed their expectations.

  • Evaluation of customer’s needs
  • Standard and customized solutions
  • Quality control from design to installation
  • Skilled local experts and specialized flying squad
  • For each job (at the end), evaluation of customer’s satisfaction

As an example of our commitment towards operational excellence, at the end of each job, a “job evaluation form” is signed by the client. The ranking given on three different axes are monthly compiled and examined in top management steering committees.

  • Operations process success
  • Personnel safety attitude and compliance with the standards
  • Client job Success vision
Operation excellence 2

In case of customer claim, an incident is created in our extranet dedicated module and processed through an Identify / analyze / act / validate workflow. Any customer claim is also registered in our extranet CRM module.