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Provide immediate efficient seal, whatever the fluids or the temperature cycles*


Openhole isolation is challenging, especially with irregular borehole geometries. With the high flow rates used during hydraulic stimulation, the temperature can drop in elastomer sealing elements, causing thermal contraction and leaks.

The Fracpacker allows an easier reach to TD, despite difficult Run In Hole operations. The packer expansion ratio covers more washed-out areas and grants better access to the reservoir. As a result, you can stimulate more efficiently, with more entry points to enhance your stimulation at each fracturing stage.

Solution for multistage fracturing

An openhole packer with a unique design: Xpandable steel FracPacker

The frac packer is part of an openhole lower completion that uses frac balls to open the multistage fracturing ports. Each frac ball is dropped from stage to stage to enable stimulation.

Specially designed for OpenHole Multistage Fracturing, the Xpandable Steel FracPacker is a simple alternative to existing solutions. Saltel Steel Frac Packer comes up with no moving parts. The packer expands almost instantly by pressuring up the casing. The expansion starts when reaching the threshold differential pressure to initiate the expansion.

Xpandable Steel FracPacker for its capacity to cope with high drag and deviations thanks to its robust architecture, designed to withstand important loads combined with rotation capabilities. The robust mechanical structure will allow the string to be rotated and reciprocated. Together with the large clearance, the fracpacker capabilities allow you to alleviate the risk of any damage during the running in the hole. Self-centralization during the packer expansion is also part of the main advantages of Saltel Xpandable steel packers; this means better fracturing pressure displacement.

Saltel Xpandable steel packer also has the capacity to self-adapt to the irregular geometry of the borehole. Moreover, the packer configuration once set, will automatically re-energize during the stage fracturing phase, as soon as it allows some internal pressure through the outer pressure balance port. The pressure balance system enhances the sealing efficiency as the multistage fracturing pressure increases.