Oilfield packer systems

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Sealing the Annulus: An Overview of Oilfield Packer Systems

Oilfield packer systems are essential pieces of downhole equipment to seal annular spaces. In simple terms, packers are deformable devices with a design for sealing off downhole pressures inside or outside the tubing string. This article will delve into the functions and benefits of packer systems, specifically those produced by Saltel Industries.

Overall, Saltel Industries offers innovative and field-proven oil and gas packer systems that cover a range of applications, from short-term isolation for high-pressure stimulation to permanent annular zonal isolation.

Oilfield packer systems are essential tools for creating effective annular seals and providing isolation in injection or production setups. These systems are deployable in both upper and lower completions to ensure a robust and permanent barrier in the annulus. One of the sturdiest isolation packer systems in the industry is Saltel Industries’ Xpandable steel packer. This packer combines indeed plastically deformable steel with composite rubber to provide effective annular seals.

The Importance of Oilfield Packer Systems

Oilfield packers play a crucial role in downhole completion equipment. These systems seal the annulus and provide isolation in injection or production setups.

The Benefits of Saltel Industries’ Packer Systems

Saltel Industries offers various expandable Steel Packers that act as permanent steel annulus barriers, and are ideal for preventing fluid or gas migration in the annular for long-term zone isolation. The packers also split reservoir intervals into sections, segment pay zones into productive subsections, act as a plug in association with cement in Plug and Abandonment (P&A), and reinforce annular cement integrity in cement backup setups.

Meeting Demanding Downhole Needs

Manufacturers of oilfield packer systems face increasingly demanding downhole needs, particularly in openhole isolation. Clients require better certainty in modern oilfields. Saltel Industries conducts rigorous testing and adheres to ISO 14310 and API19OH standards to meet these challenges.

Pressure-rated Valves for Effective Zone Isolation

Oilfield packer systems

Saltel packer systems incorporate pressure-rated valves that skillfully balance the differential pressures to achieve effective zone isolation. Moreover, the packer sleeve thickness enables pressure compensation in both scenarios:

  • “across” (annulus-to-annulus).
  • “in-out” (annulus-to-casing).

This compensation system assuredly adds to the system’s reliability. As a result, these features work together to guarantee that the packer system offers dependable zone isolation and a secure annular seal.


In summary, oilfield packer systems are essential to downhole completion equipment as they seal the annulus and provide isolation in injection or production setups. Saltel Industries’ packer systems offer a range of benefits and are tested to meet the demands of modern oilfields. The pressure-rated valves in the packer systems ensure effective zone isolation and a reliable annular seal.