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Xpandable FracPackers allow successful multiple stage fracturing deployment to TD in extended OH lateral

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Published on 22 September 2022

Schlumberger successfully deploys Xpandable Fracpacker lower completion for open hole multiple stage fracturing in extended lateral with the highest number of stages and entry points.

Our major client in the middle east contacted Schlumberger to participate in the Gas Aggressive Program (GAP) and provide an open hole multiple stage fracturing completion capable of overcoming very challenging well conditions.

multistage fracturing
FracPacker before RIH

This completion was deployed in a single lateral across the reservoir and successfully reached a final depth of 21,480 ft MD (14,216 ft TVD).

The operation’s objective was to safely convey to TD the open-hole multistage stimulation equipment while maximizing the number of stages for optimum borehole coverage, thus enabling a wider formation contact for enhanced acid stimulation.  

It required to have multiple entry points per stage to allow matrix acidization

Working on a new project always comes with new challenges which give us the ability to grow.  We worked our way through to overcome these challenges:

  • 21,480ftMD Extended well, with an open hole lateral of 7000 ft long
  • Highest number of stages: 11 stages
  • Highest number of Xpandable open hole FracPackers: 12 packers
  • Highest number of multiple stage fracturing equipment: 41 assemblies
  • 3 Open Hole washout zones, 2 of which are severe washouts areas
  • 50% of the packers were set and sealed in over-gauged sections > 6.20in setting the ID. As a result, this positioning allowed us to save all stages for promising gas production.
  • Withstand excessive drag of more than 20Kllbs WOB (weight on bit) due to the difficult trajectory profile caused by geosteering
  • Reamed down with Xpandable open hole multistage fracturing to overcome the obstruction at 20,000ft and convey the string to TD

Why the client selected the Xpandable Fracpacker completion

Our client chose to select Schlumberger Xpandable Steel FracPacker for its strength trademark to cope with high drag, and deviations thanks to its robust architecture, designed to withstand important load combined with rotation capabilities.

Specially designed for OpenHole Multiple stage Fracturing, the Xpandable Steel FracPackers is a simple alternative to existing solutions. 

The Xpandable Fracpacker finally met every requirement of the project:

  • Supply robust equipment to withstand the bend and drag.
  • Allow rotation capability to withstand string rotation up to 7,200 ft.lb of torque to reach TD.
  • Withstand high pumping rates and circulation pressures (up to 5bpm and 4,000 psi).
  • Provide a long sealing element to cover a longer area and contain acid frac while avoiding communication between the stages.
  • Regain access to washed-out open-hole sections, allowing additional spots to accommodate the FracPackers.

Successfully deploy the OH multiple stage fracturing completion to TD

The objective throughout the project was initially to successfully deploy the Xpandable Fracpacker open hole multiple stage fracturing Completion in the horizontal lateral to allow an efficient and successful frac stimulation. Consequently, Schlumberger successfully managed this project with a total of 28 entry points and 12 FracPackers and reached TD with no issue. We finally overcame our challenge by providing the highest number of stages combined with the highest number of entries.

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