new well applications, such as repairing an ECP valve, a leaking DV Tool, or a damaged Frac Port.

New Well Applications

Damaged completion modules (ECP valves, Frac ports, couplings, DV tools…)

If Saltel Expandable Steel Patches are designed to meet mature well applications (Well maintenance and repair, corroded casing, damaged tubing, and leaking couplings repair…), they are also an answer to downhole issues in new well applications, such as repairing an ECP valve, a leaking DV Tool, or a damaged Frac Port.

In new wells, the internal diameter is one primary concern for operators, who need to continue subsequent steps from interrupted Hydraulic Fracturing operations. Restoring the well integrity is also capital for operators willing to resume the fracturing operations.

Saltel Expandable Steel Patches, withstanding most hydraulic fracturing pressures, are one of the best fitting solutions to hydroforming and molding on broken DV tools, before resuming fracturing operations.