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New SPE Paper available SPE-174524

Restoring Casing Integrity with Saltel Expandable Steel Patch

Restoring Casing Integrity with Saltel Expandable Steel Patch

This paper (SPE-174524) gives feedback from the field on several operations restoring casing integrity using a Saltel Expandable Steel Patch (SES Patch).

To get cement returns to surface it may be necessary to perforate the casing and squeeze. An expandable steel patch can then be used to create a lasting mechanical pressure tight seal across these perforations, while still leaving access to drill ahead without any significant loss of diameter.

When a casing pressure test fails due to mechanical failures such as a leaking DV tool or a leaking casing collar, a similar approach – SES Patch – can also be used to meet the pressure integrity requirements.

This paper is bringing a comprehensive description of how to restore the casing integrity, allowing maximum pass-through diameter to continue drilling operations and maintaining planned casing sizes when presented with these challenges.