Leaking casing repair

leaking casing remediation to prevent fluid migration and restore integrity

Repair a leaking casing

Leaking casing repair in oil and gas producing wells is a critical component for operators striving to protect groundwater from contamination. Preventing methane from migrating into the atmosphere. Casing repair involves the use of specialized materials, such as steel casing, to repair any existing damage or seal any potential leaks in the casing. This method can help to prevent further environmental damage, as well as reduce the cost and time associated with repairs. As an added benefit, this method prevents harmful gases, such as methane, from entering the atmosphere. Which can be detrimental to the environment and human health.

There are various explanations to a leaking casing (see also damaged casing) : 

  • casing split
  • corroded casing sections, 
  • damaged couplings…

Saltel Expandable Steel casing patch is a unique solution that enables operators to restore the integrity of their well casings, optimize production. Also, prevents fluid or gas migrations in the annulus. The patch is easy to set up and once activated, it leaves a large inner diameter access for most standard downhole tools to be used for operations. This patch provides an ideal way for operators to safely and effectively rehabilitate their leaking well and prevent any potential issues that could arise due to structural damage or corrosion. With the patch in place, operators can be sure that their wells are operating safely and efficiently. The Patch is a pressure-resistant inner lining allowing to avoid plug & abandonment decisions.