Saltel Xpandable steel challenges in oil and gas

Innovation & Strategy

Innovation, listening to customer need, agility and cost efficiency are the basis of our strategy

Saltel Industries is organised so as to optimise the time and costs for putting new products on the market by deploying strict methodology, making it possible to reduce uncertainty as much as possible.

With its agility and high level of professionalism, Saltel Industries can develop, qualify and put new technologies on the market in a short time at an optimised cost.

Twelve engineers and PhDs (mechanical engineers, metal materials and elastomers engineers) are working to develop new products and installation equipment.

38 patent families have been filed. The research teams work closely with production to design new technologies, which can be industrialised, quickly.

Thorough Qualification process. We apply the most stringent standards for the qualification of our products.
We are using specially designed tests facilities for the full qualification of our products under harsh and effective environment.

  •  Elastomer Laboratory
  •  Dummy Well: 6m vertical depth, 200°C, 350 bars
  •  2 Test Platforms which are ISO 14310 certified: 6m and 12m, 335°C, Pressures up to 20,000 psi, 560 tons axial load