Saltel Inflatabe Packer

Inflatable Packers

Using an innovative design and rugged materials, Saltel Industries rapidly obtained remarkable levels of performance in terms of packer expansion ratio, temperature rating, pressure resistance and reliability.

Saltel Industries provides inflatable packers for many different applications, including:

  • Formation Evaluation Inflatable Packers (More than 3000 of these Inflatable Packers have been successfully set around the word.)
  • Expansion Tool Inflatable Packers (Dedicated to SES Patch expansion, these high-performance packers, are part of the Down Hole Expansion Tool, and are run downhole with our Expandable Steel Patches)
  • Pressure Test Inflatable Packers (run downhole via tubing, drill-pipe or coiled tubing, pressure is injected in the string to inflate the packer against the wellbore. The packer sealing enables the pressure test.)