Improving Primary Cementing, Western Europe

Improving Primary Cementing with Saltel Steel Packer

Annulus Zonal Isolation Packer as preventive barrier in order to avoid risk of channeling

Challenge Solution Results
Run 5in liner through 7in casing and set the Annulus Zonal Isolation Packer (AZIP) in 7in underreamed openhole section Use Saltel Steel AZIP during cement setting to isolate the trouble zones and optimize cement sheath. The AZIP 5in was successfully set in 7in underreamed section, in 40 minutes. As a result, the casing cement was successful and showed no signs of channeling.
Improving Primary Cementing, Western Europe

Prevent from channelling issues 

An operator encountered cement issues in an offshore field with different formation pressures. Because the cement setting process will cause crossflow and channeling. So, we installed an annular isolation system at 4,800m depth to ensure that the two zones do not communicate. Their main aim was of Improving Primary Cementing.

Run a 5in liner through 7in casing and set the packer in 7in underreamed openhole section

Improving primary cementing

The packer, crimped onto a 5in liner, was run through a 7in casing. After pumping cement the packer was then expanded into the cement and set in 7in openhole section using 240bar [3,625 psi] casing internal pressure. The setting took 40 minutes and made an effective barrier to close off the annulus while the cement set, avoiding the risk of crossflow or channeling.

Completing cementing operation with no issues

As a result, the cementing operation was completed with no issue. The well displayed no migration issue in the annulus, and without delay the client successfully resumed drilling and well construction operations.