horizontal completions

Horizontal completions

Horizontal completions are becoming longer and more sophisticated, often through different formations.

Different openhole completions are being used, with many types of slotted pipe or sand screens, often combined with sophisticated ICDs (inflow control devices). To isolate “wet” zones or to segment the production zone to be able to modify the production profiles and shut-off potential water or gas breakthrough, it is essential to create an effective barrier between completion and borehole without using cement.

Saltel Expandable Steel Packer can be run with the completion and expanded in-situ to make an effective and efficient seal at pre-determined intervals.

The pressure from surface is used to inflate the packers either by pressuring up the entire string (when using Resflow check valve ICD’s), using wash pipe, or a cup tool to isolate the inflation port. The Expandable Steel Packer is an efficient high pressure life of well solution for annulus zonal isolation.