Expandable tubulars to cure or mitigate excessive water

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Saltel expandable tubulars comes as an answer to an old problem. The problem of water production from oil and gas wells is very old. Aging fields tend to produce increasing volumes of water.

Excess water production is one of the main reasons for:

  • Abandoning oil and gas wells.
  • Leaving large hydrocarbons untapped.

The economic impact of produced water is significant. The industry spends $40 billion each year. Operators spend in capital and opex to mitigate and handle water-related problems.

A 1st solution is to place expandable openhole packers between sand screens. This reduces or eliminates the annular gaps between the wellbore and the screen. As a result, it improves water control in the open hole.

Shutting off unwanted water without jeopardizing hydrocarbon flow has a positive impact on E&P ops. A water producing zone can be shut off while allowing the remaining exposed reservoir section.

Saltel Patch is an expandable tubular. This inner-lining system relines unwanted water producing sections. The Patch works alone. However the patch can also work with cement to remediate sustained casing pressure.