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Expandable Steel Patches

Expandable Steel Patches

In 2005 Saltel Industries started to develop a new expandable technology using high pressure Inflatable Packers for expanding short lengths of tubular. Saltel Industries sells and sets these lengths of tubular worldwide as SES Patches (Saltel Expandable Steel Patches). 

The high R&D Company profile, the innovation and the creative use of technology brought a new and simple solution for Expandable applications. PDO carried out the first Field Test in 2008 in Oman. In order to isolate a zone of open hole and successfully cure total losses.

In the years 2008 and 2009 the development focused on the qualification and industrialization of the process from manufacturing to the setting in the well. The Saltel Industries test dummy well and real oilfield conditions were used to develop and test inflatable packs, downhole tools, and surface equipment.

2010 saw the beginning of large-scale marketing of the SES Patches. Many metal patches already installed in Europe, North America, Russia, Africa and the Middle East, ranging in length from 3 to 66 meters, and mostly on-shore but also offshore.