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Published on 6 July 2014

Saltel Industries celebrates its 10th anniversary

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Ten Years

The year 2014 is Saltel Industries’ tenth anniversary. It has been 10 years now since Saltel industries began operating in the Oil & Gas field. Starting as a niche oil service company located in France, the company evolved thoroughly and kept providing its best innovative technologies to the Oil and Gas industry. Saltel Industries is still growing and counts 5 subsidiaries and 6 operating bases in 2014, with more than 110 employees.

To commemorate that date, Saltel Industries’ staff gathered at Le Rheu’s Golf de la Frelonniere – in Brittany. Celebrating these 10 years highlighted the very first beginning of Saltel Industries, the numerous stages of our history, our achievements in the oilfield, and a special opportunity for Jean Louis Saltel – President to thank his team through a stirring opening speech. The French team also found an occasion to meet up between colleagues and families in a joyful summer atmosphere.

We are living an extraordinary human adventure in which each and every one of us is participating daily, for the growth and development of this company. We still have many chapters left to write together.

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