DV Tool Repair, USA

DV Tool Repaired in 5.5 – 17 lbs/ft casing


Oil producer well DV tool Repair 5.5in 17lb/ft casing  (ID= 4.892in / 124,26mm) DV tool to repair @ 7 306ft / 2226,87m Downhole temperature 130°F / 54°C Conveyance: 2.375in 4.6lb/ft tubing


Leaking DV tool Isolation Allow fracking of subsequent zones with pressures up to more than 14,500 PSI Leave maximum clearance for frac plug. Solution Saltel Xpandable Patch PREFRAC 5.5in, Slimline, Stainless Steel Patch length 19.73ft / 6,02m before expansion RIH OD= 4.390in / 111,50mm.

Operational characteristics

Set Patch ID= 4.415in / 112,5mm Expansion Pressure 4 622psi / 319bar Patch length 18.98ft / 5,79m after expansion Expansion duration: The patch was set in 12 steps.


Good and safe job, the client was very satisfied with our work ethics and safety. Excellent job performance for efficient results: no problem with the stimulation nor with retrieving the plug afterwards. 

The Patch was successfully set.