Damaged or corroded completion repair

Parted casing, leaking coupling, corroded casing/tubing or sand screen repair, with Saltel Expandable Steel Patch

Saltel Patch is an excellent inner lining solution for repairing old or damaged casing, whether it’s corroded or eroded, twisted, burst or bent.

The casing patch perfectly seals the damaged zone, ensuring maximum nominal and drift ID after setting. Saltel Patch provides 100% effective sealing, even in out of gauge or worn casings.

An innovative setting process with high pressure inflatable packer, contrasting with traditional cone setting.

▲Restoring casing integrity applications, including repairing short lengths of damaged casing or tubing, damaged sand screens and leaking couplings.

▲Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) applications, including perforations shut off, water and gas shut-off, and modifying injection profiles

Run on tubing or CTU, Saltel Patch is expanded downhole using an inflatable packer to create a high pressure inner lining inside the casing.