Crossover repair Argentina

Saltel Patch run with coiled tubing, successfully isolates a leaking crossover, allowing to resume Plug’n’perf stimulation.

In a new well, a leaking crossover (5in to 4.5in) at 9,548ft [2,910m] was precluding to continue performing plug and perf stimulation program. Setting a 4.5in reinforced patch (external differential service pressure rating 1,500 psi) to isolate the leaking crossover implied significant collapse concerns, with 4,000 psi external pressure. A previous resin squeeze job successfully sealed the crossover (after multiple attempts) and enabled the patch operation.

The purpose of the casing patch was then to reinforce the resin, allowing to apply high internal pressure during the plug & perf stimulation.

A 4.5in Reinforced Patch was selected to cover the crossover. Due to well control contingency, the conveyance was Coiled Tubing (CT). Being the 1st patch setting with CT + downhole tension sub in Argentina, the client performed a test run, before rigging up the patch. 


The casing patch was successfully set in 18 steps and drifted at 3.3in. The client was able to pressurize the well at 12,000psi. The client then carried on four fracturing stages with slimline Plugs – 3.18in OD [81mm], pressuring up to 12,000psi in the wellhead. 

Saltel Expandable Steel Patch features :

  • Patch through Patch
  • Small run-in diameter
  • Simple setting process
  • Minimum reduction in ID, Large through-passage
  • Simple top-down setting process: if difficulties occur the tools can always be easily retrieved, redressed, & the job completed
  • Fast feasibility study, job evaluation & proposal
  • Short lead times, a skilled operations team available worldwide
  • Proven technology (Over 600 patches set worldwide)
  • 97 % success ratio
  • Adapts to casing ID, even if out of round, corroded or deformed
  • Fits both to vertical and horizontal sections