With 10 years’ expertise in Inflatable Packer and Expandable Steel Patch technology, Saltel Industries has developed a range of Expandable Steel Annular Isolation Packers.

Saltel Isolation Packer before & after expansion

The concept is to plastically deform a stainless steel sleeve to create a solid and permanent barrier in the annulus. 

Saltel Isolation packers can be used in any application requiring a permanent packer (annular barrier or annular isolation). With their unique High Pressure and High Temperature resistance properties, they can meet various specific expectations some classic inflatable or swellable packers cannot meet. (Geothermal, High pressure hydraulic fracturing…)

In addition, our packers provide a reliable life-of-the-well annular barrier, since they are made of stainless steel. Annular integrity is a growing concern. Our product is a long term solution to prevent uncontrolled fluid and gas migrations in the annulus.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Saltel Industries core values. We can customize Expandable Steel Packers to fit to operators specific applications depending on well conditions and job feasibility.