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Gabon, Saltel isolates unsolicited perforations

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Published on 27 December 2010


On an Offshore oil producer well, two leaks were detected in a 75/8in expandable liner set in the 95/8in casing. The primary concern for the customer was to repair the zone and stop water production (with 800 ppm H2S), leaving sufficient access below to run an ESP.


The 75/8in expandable liner has a non-standard nominal ID of 7.62in (193.5mm), so this application required a customized patch. Saltel Industries flexible manufacturing provided tailor-made patches in 3 weeks. A 17m (56ft) long Patch and a 7m (23ft) one were required. Short lengths were shipped, then welded onshore, and transported to an offshore location in a custom-made basket.
Very short delivery time: 6 weeks from order to offshore installation.

The External Service pressure needed to be 1,050 psi (72 bar), and the external differential pressure rating of the patch is 1,347 psi (93 bar).


The two patches were successfully set using a snubbing unit and drifted in real-time with the 175mm OD setting tool (6.88in).
The well was re-perforated below the patched zones and put back in production. It produced as predicted.

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