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Egypt – Saltel Patch isolates unsolicited gas perforations

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Published on 21 January 2020

We completed our first Patch job in Egypt through a remarkable collaboration with the client.

Located off the coast of Egypt, An oil producer well was experiencing gas inflow from a perforated zone at 2,039m. The perforations to cover were part from a 7in – 29 lb/ft liner. Most importantly, the young oil producer well had been drilled one year before. this well was critical to ensure the profitability of the field.
The liner section to treat required a permanent inner-lining solution, capable of isolating the unwanted perforations and optimize oil production.


  • Isolate gas-producing perforations
  • Guarantee minimum 4.23in ID to allow running standard plugs.


  • Deploy a 19m long patch made of a single piece in an offshore environment.
  • Withstand 270,000 ppm downhole salinity, equivalent to 160,000 ppm chlorides.


The Patch deployment and installation in a single trip was a complete success.

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