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Case study Water well rehabilitation with SES Patch

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Published on 16 July 2018

New Case study Water well rehabilitation with SES Patch


After galvanic corrosion of the casing by the downhole pump, a water well rehabilitation was needed in a 2,600ft water well. The main concerns were the possibility of contamination of the well by exterior tools and the patch material compatibilities regarding drinkable water. Perfect isolation of the casing was also to be achieved.


Before running 430ft of new liner (OD = 11.4in) in the corroded casing, a SES-Patch was welded at the bottom of it. An Inflatable Packer was then run in the liner to expand the Patch. Once expanded, the SES Patch holds the liner and makes the seal. The rubber groove technology developed by Saltel Industries allows an anchoring force of 26,400lb for a 20ft Patch. This technology, combined with specially machined rubber sleeves also assures sealing and dielectric union. For environmental concern, the setting 

tools were entirely dismantled prior to the setting and each part was cleaned then greased with food-grade products. After reassembly, the tools were heavily circulated with chlorinated water.

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