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Case Study : casing Patch casing perforations – DRC

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Published on 12 January 2016

118 ft – 36 m Expandable Steel Patch over 100 ft – 30 m casing perforations Democratic Republic of Congo


The customer, one of the largest independent oil companies, expected to sealoff 30.30 m of excess water flowing perforations in an oil producer well, located in a remote area in Central Africa.

Over casing perforartions DRC


  • A 5-1/2 in. Reinforced Patch (4 mm steel thickness) was proposed by Saltel Industries.
  • Due to the non-standard length, 8 pieces were shipped, then welded on location.
  • The patch was slid into a 5-1/2 in. casing to avoid bending during lifting operations.
  • The assembly was lifted up with 2 cranes in addition to a Zoom Boom Telehandler.
  • The assembly was then run into a 127 ft-39 m rathole close to the well.
  • Then, the running tools and the patch were picked up and run in hole.
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