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Case study – DV Tool & ECP Valve Repair, USA

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Published on 16 July 2018

Case study – DV Tool & ECP Valve Repair, USA


On a Plug & Perf frac well, 7 in. casing on the vertical section with a 4.5 in. liner below, the annular casing packer was under-rated and the pressure test during the toe prepping operation created a leak on its safety valve, challenging the fracturing operation.


  •  A 40 ft (12 m) 7 in. Reinforced patch was selected for its high expansion ratio in the DV tool larger ID and for its collapse resistance. 
  • The Patch was positioned by wireline. A pup joint was placed in the work string above Saltel’s tools and the position correlated from the well gamma ray log with a CCL/GR.
  • Set in 2h & 45min, the Patch has been successfully pressure tested up to 9,600 psi
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