Case histories

Xpandable Steel Packer

ApplicationXpandable Steel Packer
Sustained Casing Pressure
(SCP) isolation
Case Study : Xpandable Steel External Casing Packer overcomes Bradenhead pressure in both cased and open holes.
Reservoir compartmentalizationCase Study : Xpandable AZIP Packer ensures effective zonal isolation
Reservoir compartmentalizationCase Study : Successful Zonal isolation with Saltel Steel AZIP
Acid stimulationCase Study : Saltel Xpandable Steel Annular Zonal Isolation Packer (AZIP) allows acid stimulation
Annulus zonal isolationCase Study : Zonal isolation with Saltel Steel AZIP – Venezuela
Stage cementingCase Study : Xpandable Steel External Casing Packer (ECP) allows completing cementing operations in 10 wells
Stage cementingCase Study : Successful stage cementing operations using Saltel Expandable Steel Packers run and worked in deviated well
Off-bottom cementingCase Study : Xpandable Steel External Casing Packer (ECP): successful off-bottom cementing operation despite difficult RIH conditions
Off-bottom cementingCase Study : Successful off-bottom cementing campaign, onshore
Cement backup (Secondary barrier in wet cement)Case Study : Improving Primary Cementing with Saltel Steel Packer
Openhole ball-drop multistage fracturingCase Study : Successful OH Multistage Fracturing Operations with Saltel FracPackers
Plug and abandonmentCase Study : Successful External Casing Packer (ECP-w) installation in P&A application

Xpandable Steel Patch

ApplicationXpandable Steel Patch
Corrosion repairCase study Water well rehabilitation with SES Patch
Parted casing repair Case Study : Xpandable Patch repairs parted casing
Supporting squeeze PerforationsCase Study : Patch prevents sustained casing pressure before shale fracturing
Supporting squeeze PerforationsCase Study : Saltel Patch successfully restores casing integrity in water disposal well USA
Supporting squeeze PerforationsSaltel Patch Enables Cement Repair and Provides Fullbore Access to Continue Drilling
Completion tool repairICD repair in Saudi Arabia
Completion tool repairCase Study : Successful crossover repair
Completion tool repairCase study : Water-well turbidity reduction in a slotted screen France
Completion tool repairCase study – DV Tool & ECP Valve Repair, USA
Completion tool repairCase Study : ECP Valve Repair, Permian Basin
Completion tool repairCase Study : Successful Stage Tool repair with Saltel Patch
Completion tool repairCase Study : Screen repair to eliminate Sand production Expandable Steel Patches set on CT Offshore Caspian sea
Restoring casing/tubing integrityCase Study Tubing Repair in a Gas Well Patch set with Coiled Tubing
Restoring casing/tubing integrityCase Study : 1st Saltel Patch installed from a semi-submersible rig
Restoring casing/tubing integrityCase Study: first Patch set in New Zealand
Split casing repairCase Study : Successful Patch through Patch operation
Perforations shut offCase Study Tubing Repair in a Gas Well Patch set with Coiled Tubing
Perforations shut offCase Study : More than 140% oil production raised using Saltel Patch
Perforations shut offPerforations shut off campaign in South East Asia
Perforations shut offEgypt – Saltel Patch isolates unsolicited gas perforations
Perforations shut offCase Study : Saltel Patch enables modifying Injection profile in a water injector well
High temperature repairCase Study : Saltel High Temperature Patch repairs leaking casings