Can you replace a well casing

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Well casing repair with Expandable Steel Patch.

can you replace a well casing

Our clients experience casing repair choices during the life of well cycle. Corrosive fluids can lead to casing wear. Corrosion can cause leaks in the well casing. Moreover, the micro-seismic activity can worsen well casings. When considering replacing a well casing, clients must cope with expensive work overs. Saltel Casing Patch is one of the best alternatives to costly work overs. The casing patch guarantees the best ID post-setting. It extends the lifespan of the well. Saltel patch is a robust field-proven solution. The patch is a dependable answer to down hole erosion and casing corrosion issues. (Which compromises the well integrity). It is evident for operators to include it in work over strategies to maximize wells’ life cycle. Once installed, the Patch brings a solid added-value to the well integrity. Compared to work over operations, the patch is quite economic. The patch displays a smooth entry thanks to its beveled extremities. It features Max ID for better flow-rates when the well is back to production.
You can deploy the Patch with the following conveyance systems.

  • Workover rig.
  • Snubbing unit.
  • Smart coiled tubing.