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Shale Fracturing with Saltel FracPacker

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Unconventional resources through shale fracturing

Initially, Shale Fracturing necessitates intense pressure to activate the formation. Usually, this pressure surpasses that of regular cementing procedures or the pressure exerted by swellable packers.. When performing fracturing operations in shale, engineers must be cognizant of the depth of the formation, any deviation in the borehole, the temperature of the formation, and the high pressure levels of the formation. To properly fracture the shale, these conditions must be taken into account and the operation must be carefully planned to ensure that the formation is not damaged by the high pressure levels. 

Then, Operators have tested different fracturing methods and fluids to find the optimal fracturing method and fluid. However, since the late 2000s, two trending fracturing methods prevailed.

  • PnP – Plug and Perf.
  • Ball-and-seat – Open hole ball drop multi-stage fracturing.

Saltel Xpandable* expandable steel FracPacker has its use in the second fracturing technique. This Openhole Multi-Stage shale fracturing system allows efficient and controlled stimulation operations in difficult well conditions (Up to 160 degC/320 degF). In such configuration, there is no risk for the production casing of uncertain cementing. By exposing each zone to successive stimulations, FracPackers ensure perfect isolation. Also, Saltel Isolation Packers are good for isolating screens and pre-perforated casings. Either putting the well on pressure or using a straddle tool can successively expand the packers and stimulate the targeted zones.