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Total Losses Zones

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Loss zone seal off

There is no doubt that total losses zones can significantly increase the difficulty of drilling a well, as well as the associated risks, uncertainties, and costs. These zones can cause issues such as stuck pipes, stuck tools, and lost circulation, all of which can lead to increased costs and a longer drilling time frame. Furthermore, these losses can also cause a reduction in overall production since the well may not be able to access the reservoir. Additionally, the presence of total losses zones can lead to greater instability, higher pressures, and other geological complications which can further contribute to higher costs and greater risk. All of these components make drilling in total losses zones a costly, risky, and uncertain endeavor.

As an alternative to sealing off the loss zones in the annulus, Saltel Industries has developed the following option:

By using a cement port, the external casing packer (Xpandable ECP) can provide a valuable and permanent barrier for isolating the annulus of the casing by means of a cement port. In conjunction with the cement port, this barrier serves as a protective barrier. This will allow a better cement displacement all along the annulus, above the zone of total losses. This will also reduce the amount of lost cement during the cementing process. As a result, the operating team will be able to pump the cement through the annulus and back to the surface, instead of losing it in the process.

Saltel Expandable Packers are specific tools that can work in conjunction with stage collar technology to facilitate cementing above difficult formations in multiple stages. To satisfy the need for stage cementing and off-bottom cementing jobs, we have designed two distinct product ranges. The packer can either work as a base for the cement (ECP) or as a long-term annulus seal (AZIP). By combining these products with a stage collar, operators can more effectively and efficiently complete their cementing jobs.