ICD repair with casing patch

completion equipment repair

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Completion tool repair with expandable steel casing patch technology

Saltel designed expandable steel Patch to not only meet the needs of mature well applications but also to provide a solution to a number of different downhole issues (completion equipment repair) in new well applications. These issues can include the repair of an External Casing Packer (ECP) valve, a leaking Diverter Tool (DV Tool), a damaged Fracturing Port (Frac Port), or other types of completion tool repair.

completion tool repair

Saltel expandable steel Patches are highly effective for sealing off leaking or damaged completion tool sections in wells. Likewise, the patch provides a reliable and long-term solution.

In addition to being highly resistant to corrosion and wear and tear, it can also expand to fill any irregularities or gaps in the surface. This ensures that the well is properly sealed and is safe for operation. The patch is easy to apply and can provide a permanent solution to any completion equipment issues.

When drilling new wells and repairing damaged completion equipment, the internal diameter of the well is a critical factor for operators to consider. This is because the diameter needs to be large enough to accommodate the use of other tools for different operations, such as monitoring and maintenance activities, or to allow resuming interrupted Hydraulic Fracturing operations.

Also, it is neccesary to assess the diameter of the well carefully to ensure that it can handle the expected pressure and the load of any equipment or tools.

It is also important to ensure that the diameter of the well is sufficient to allow for the efficient flow of fluid or gas through the well. This is essential so as to prevent any blockages or other issues that could lead to costly delays.