perforation shut off

Perforation shut off

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Saltel offers a solution for perforations shut off. A thin walled casing Patch – run on drilling rig, workover rig, snubbing unit or smart coiled tubing – that allows large ID access to the well below (for packers, tubing anchors….) Saltel Patch seals effectively and holds significant differential pressures.

Saltel Patch can be set to seal perforations to eliminate or reduces water production, without significantly restricting the wellbore access. It seals the perforated zone without restricting the production from the neighboring perforations. It provides an effective seal even in damaged or worn casings.

Saltel Patch can be used to isolate a zone producing unwanted gas or fluids. As with all Saltel patches, minimal ID loss is achieved while ensuring an effective seal, even in non-uniform casings.

Many conventional wells are completed and perforated, in both production and injection wells. During life of well the required profile is likely to change as fluid levels vary, and the production enhancement techniques modify the downhole parameters. It may become necessary to close off existing perforations, re-perforate in different zones, or modify injection profiles.


■ Accurate positioning close to oil or gas producing perforations
■ Seal effectively in corroded or ovalized hole
■ Ensure maximum internal diameter to leave full access to the perforation tool
■ Rapid delivery
■ Effective pressure resistant watertight sealing


■ Restores casing integrity, holding internal differentials 15,000 psi
■ Quick, efficient, and reliable isolation
■ Large ID. Leaves access for running tools or drilling ahead
Repairs completion modules (ICDs, sand screens, frac ports…)
■ Always seals, regardless of casing condition, well loss or ovalisation

perforation shut off