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Patch across the damaged DV tool, to restore integrity and allow stimulation operations


Leaking DV Tool Repair

After a stage cementing job, it might be no longer possible to close the stage tool or the differential valve (DV) tool.  Should it be the case, the stage tool has to be shut off to guarantee integrity and reach the expected shale fracturing pressures.


Running and install an expandable steel casing patch across the tool, will isolate the open port.

Saltel patch provides a minimal loss of ID, actually Saltel patch guarantees the largest drift ID in the industry across a milled port. Once the patch is installed and is molding to the irregular shape of the DV tool, the operator is now able to Fracture without losing stages. 

Once the well is Fractured, the patch has served its purpose and can be perforated to eliminate any possibility of collapse during flow-back.